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Another Day, Another Loss, Or Is It a Win?

Generals Washington

On this day January 25, 1971 the Washington Generals defeated the Harlem Globetrotters in Martin Tennessee. Yes the basketball team that plays the Harlem Globetrotters approximately 200 or more times per year, and losses every time. The GlobetroGenerals pantsed2tters were going through their usual shtick of throwing buckets of confetti, pulling the pants of the opposing team down and so forth, but with much less gags than normal according to spectators at the game. The reason for this is unknown, but there were rumors of a dispute prior to the game. The Globetrotters apparently didn’t realize that they were down by 12 points until less than two minutes were left. They rallied to take the lead with 10 seconds left in the game. Red Klotz the owner/coach and point guard of the Generals called timeout and instructed his team to get him the ball for the final shot. The Generals have always been instructed to not miss a shot on purpose. Klotz received the ball and quickly attempted and made the basket, giving the Generals the lead again. The Globetrotters had one last chance with Meadow Lark Lemon bringing the ball up the court. The Generals offered no resistance to Lemon and he took a shot he had made a thousand times. He missed and the rest is history. generals medow larkKlotz in later interviews was quoted as saying “the crowd wanted to kill me”, and it was like he “had killed Santa Clause”. Kids cried and fans booed after the game. It was reported that the owner of the Globetrotters met the team the next day and let them have it for losing. The Generals have won approximately six times but only two can be confirmed, and there has not been a win by the Generals since that game on January 25th 1971 in Martin Tennessee, 44 years ago today. They celebrated with orange pop since they didn’t carry Champagne for such events.

I suggest you read a more detailed account of this event from this link: Washington Generals Infamous 1971 Win


Why do I bring up this event on a Cleveland Indians Blog? The Generals have lost over 14,000 plus games since then. I think this is one of the great events in the history of sports. Right up there with the USA hockey team defeating Russia in the 1980 Winter Olympics, and then defeating Finland to win the Gold Medal in Lake Placid. OK maybe not that big, but still I grew up watching the Harlem Globetrotters on the Wide World of Sports once every year. Who doesn’t love watching incredible acts of dribbling, passing, and shooting, along with third grade humor and physical comedy? I keep all of my tickets to events I go to (yea I have A LOT). If I would have attended this game the ticket would have a place right by my World Series tickets, Kent State’s Elite Eight basketball ticket, tickets to the 2002 Winter Olympics, and the May 26th 1993 Tribe game vs. the Texas Rangers (Jose Canseco, a ball, and his head -Blog for another day) .


generals red klotz

Red Klotz was the starting guard for the Baltimore Bullets Championship team in 1948 and played for the Generals into his 60’s

Another reason is you have never probably heard of Red Klotz, the Owner-Coach-Point guard of the Generals from 1952 to 1995 (He continued to be involved with the Generals until his death). But he is a part of the fabric of our lives just as Ernie Banks the former Chicago Cub was. Red Klotz died last July and Mr. Cub Ernie Banks last Friday. Ernie Banks was an ambassador for baseball just like Red Klotz was for basketball. Banks was one of the greatest shortstops of all time. Banks is still 22nd on the all time career home run list even after the steroid era. YGenerals Ernie Banksou couldn’t help but like baseball when you saw Ernie Banks, and Red Klotz helped entertain generations of fans while losing over 14,000 times. I would like to thank both of them today.

Here is another link to check out more about Red Klotz.


Lastly the Washington Generals remind me of Cleveland sports and the quest for a championship. Some people think a Cleveland championship in their lifetime will never come. The Washington Generals once overcame insurmountable odds so why not Cleveland. I believe it will one day come, but even if it doesn’t I am still going to be watching and having fun. From now on when I watch a Harlem Globetrotters game, I’m secretly going to be rooting for the Generals to win. (If you know where I can get a Washington Generals T-shirt L or XL let me know) So here’s to the Washington Generals and their celebration 44 years ago today. They proved anything is possible. Hopefully that once in a lifetime event is in Cleveland’s future.

Go Tribe!


Here is one more link that I highly suggest you read.  It is a statement read to the media by a player Marvin McCullough on the Washington Generals immediately after a game in 2010.   Generals On StrikeGenerals Pantsed

One Month In – Where Do We Stand

One Month

The Indians ended April with a Thud. Losing every game on a west coast trip is never a good way to inspire the fan base. Good thing April is over and we are into May. Let’s look at the Tribe one month into the season.

The Record:

The Indians ended April 11-17 and on a 6 game losing streak. Not what you expect from a team with high expectations of making the playoffs. Is it time to panic? Not really. It is only one month. Last year they were 11-13 in April. They followed up April by going 18-12 in May. Last year the Indians had two 8 game losing streaks, and on June 10th they were 3 games under .500. This was a streaky team last year and I could easily see them rattling off 6 or 7 wins in a row. The team was at .500 before the 6 game west coast trip. So the record after one month is not a huge concern, but they leave themselves little room to continue their disappearing act at the plate, and in the field.


The Starting Rotation:

The starters began the year a little shaky, but have become the strength of this club. Masterson did not earn a win in the month of April, but he pitched well enough that he should have in three of his six April starts. Is Masterson a #1 starter? Maybe not, but he is definitely a #2. Would the Indians just pay this guy! Masterson’s agent reportedly proposed multiple offers to the Indians with a contract of around 17 million per year for 3 to 4 years. Usually the Tribe balks at contracts for pitchers because they are to long. The Tribe does not want to risk a lengthy contract on pitchers who are all susceptible to injury. Masterson is offering a shorter term contract which should make the Indians front office thrilled. I am just not sure what the Indians are expecting to pay for a starting pitcher who can anchor a staff. 12 million a year gets you an Ubaldo Jimenez type pitcher. Ubaldo has been atrocious in 5 of his 6 starts. He has a 5.19 Era in his first 6 starts and has walked 18 in 34 innings. That looks similar to the Ubaldo who pitched in Cleveland before last July. Are you feeling a little nervous about that signing now Baltimore? 3 years at 17 million per year seems fair to me, so the Indians need to stop with the excuses and sign Masterson. Otherwise we will be watching another warm body in the rotation next year. Yea you could gamble on a veteran coming off a poor year and get another Scott Kazmir, or you could get another Brett Myers. If the Indians are expecting to compete for a playoff spot they can’t afford to gamble on their starting pitching, especially when they would be replacing a front of the rotation starter.

Corey Kluber and Zach McAllister have been solid and consistent on the mound to start the year. I have followed Corey Kluber through the minors to the big league club since the trade with San Diego/ St. Louis for Jake Westbrook. Kluber was considered one of the Padre’s top pitching prospects. He had one off year and was traded. He has consistently been tops in the minor leagues in strike outs and walked very few. This year he has 48 K’s and 12 BB in 45 innings which is following his career norms. He projected as a #2 or #3 starter and that is holding true. Kluber has a 3.6 ERA even though he has pitched 5 games against some of the top offenses in all of baseball. Kluber has pitched two games against the #2 offense and one game against the #3, #4, #5 offenses in MLB.  Kluber has always been one of my favorites, and he looks to be a solid #2 or #3 starter.

McAllister has been just as good, if not better than Kluber. He has a 3.16 ERA and like Kluber he doesn’t give a lot of hitter’s free passes. McAllister fits in nicely and has done a good job in the 3 hole.

The 4 and 5 spots have been a problem for the Indians. I am not to worried about Danny Salazar as he seems to be righting the ship after a rough start early on in the season. Even though he has not looked as sharp or seemed to have command of all of his pitches, he still looks like a major league pitcher. His demeanor on the mound just says successful pitcher to me, and I think in the long run he will succeed. Carlos Carrasco is another story. As I write this he has been relieved of his starting duties and placed in the bullpen. Carrasco is just another version of Roberto Hernandez aka Fausto Carmona. Carrasco is a pitcher with a great arm, who will consistently put runners on base and make me want to start watching MTV with my wife instead of baseball. Thankfully I will no longer be up to date on the “16 And Pregnant” episodes, as Josh Tomlin has taken Carrasco’s spot in the rotation. Tomlin has pitched great in Columbus to start the year. He was called up to Cleveland this week and in his first start he looked very impressive. Tomlin walks very few batters. Isn’t it strange how not walking people usually correlates to winning. I mentioned in my last post that Tomlin would be back and it took less than a month. Unless there is an injury I believe you have seen the last of Carlos Carrasco starting for the Indians. The Indians still have insurance in Trevor Bauer who has been pitching even better than Tomlin. This is in Columbus also which is a big time hitter’s park. So if there is an injury, Salazar regresses, or Tomlin can’t hold down the 5th spot (I am sure he will – you don’t get the nickname “The Little Cowboy” for no reason), Bauer seems to be ready to step in.

The bullpen so far seems stable. Vinnie Pestano was sent down early in the month after giving up hits to almost every batter he faced. He had a WHIP of 3.38. That means for every inning he pitched he put 3.38 batters on base. I think Hendrix’s WHIP in his first year of youth baseball where the players will pitch will be lower. A WHIP of 1.75 or higher is usually pretty atrocious. Pestano’s velocity has been down last year and the start of this year, and just a couple MPH has made him very hittable. The rest of the bullpen has been very good. The bullpen has stranded 50 of the 60 inherited base runners through May 7th. This puts them at the top of the league in keeping inherited runners from scoring. John Axford has not let one inherited runner score. Then again he has put them on himself and let them cross home plate a few times. Axford is the one part of the bullpen that I am not to sure about. He does have 9 saves out of 11 chances is which is not to bad in one month. Unfortunately he likes to walk batters and he is not unhittable. (I think there is something to this walking batters and a pitchers success rate) He has issued 11 walk and 11 hits in 14 innings. Axford has a 1.57 WHIP which is getting up there near that atrocious level. The Tribe could probably survive an Axford collapse by moving Cody Allen into the closer role and rearranging the bullpen. But ultimately this probably wouldn’t be ideal considering the teams other problems.



In my last post I stated how my main concern about this team was its offense. Well they haven’t changed my opinion much. The Tribe is next to last in the American League in runs scored, and 26th in MLB with a .231 team average. There are only 4 teams all in the National League (where the pitcher bats!) with worse averages. (Side note – The San Diego Padres have a .215 team average….Uh maybe I should stop complaining about the Tribe offense) Other than Michael Brantley, Yan Gomes, David Murphey, Nyjer Morgan, Mike Aveiles, and Lonnie Chisenhall (3 of whom are part time players), the rest need to vastly improve at the plate. Jason Kipnis who is currently on the DL has a .234 average, while Michael Bourn is batting around his career average of .266. Unfortunately Bourn has done little else as he has played in only 15 games. He has 2 stolen bases but he has been caught 3 times, and he only has scored 6 runs all year. I didn’t think so at the end of spring training, but Nyjer Morgan needs to be on this team. Morgan is batting .294 with 3 stolen bases in 3 attempts, and 5 runs scored in half the at bats Bourn has had. Not to mention he is playing better defense.

The rest of the lineup would bring the San Diego Padres team average down:

Asdrubal Cabrera .215
Nick Swisher .202
Ryan Rayburn .167
Carlos Santana .139


Zero Point Zero!

And Mr. Blutarsky (Jason Giambi) .000

It will be almost Memorial Day before Giambi plays again. He has not reached first base since spring training, other than a hit by pitch. That includes games with the Indians and the Akron Rubber Ducks. He actually didn’t even get a hit in spring training. He reached base twice by walk. His last hit in a game was last year! The Tribe’s offense needs a jump and the Indians need to bite the bullet soon with Giambi. Jesus Aguilar is in AAA Columbus. Last year he set the Akron record with 105 RBIs in 130 games. He is off to a fast start in Columbus this year batting .319 with 7 HRs and 17 RBIs in 31 games. The Tribe is not good enough to waste a roster spot on a player who is not helping. Sooner or later Giambi is going to need to produce or the Tribe needs to make a change.

It is good to see Chisenhall producing and Brantley is Mr. Consistent. I believe the rest of the lineup will improve, but I do think this team needs one more bat. Preferably a right handed bat.


I actually witnessed this game when Canseco took one off the noggin

Where the hell do I start? This is the one area that has derailed the Tribe more than any other. The starting pitching has had a few bad games, the closer has let a few slip away, and the offense has been absent for most of the year. But it is the defense that has ultimately cost the Indians the most. This does not just a couple of players, but the entire team.

Yan Gomes- The poster boy for the Tribe’s bad defense. He has 9 errors already and leads the league with 4 PB (past balls). Last year for the entire year he had 3 errors and 4 PB. Yan you’re not going to get the last 2 years of that contract you just signed if you continue to play like that.

Michael Bourn – Who in the hell voted this guy a gold glove centerfielder in the national league? I have yet to see a gold glove defender, including last year. This year I wouldn’t put him in the top half of American League centerfielders. He only has one error but the number of bad routes I have seen, along with missed diving/sliding catches, and running into the other outfielders tells me he is not a premier defender.

Asdrubal Cabrera – has 5 errors and has not looked that great in the field. He had better start hitting because the Tribe has Fransico Lindor in Akron who is considered a gold glove defender, and I am sure he can hit .215 if not better.

Nick Swisher – 4 Errors and he could have been charged with more. I have watched a few games where Swisher has not given much effort on coming off the bag at first. I really expect more from Swisher.

The Tribe has plenty of time to turn the season around and get on the plus side of the win/loss column. They need the bats to come around but they really need the defense to step up.


Ok this is a Tribe blog but the NFL draft is tonight so a couple of things. One -Johnny Manziel reminds me of Doug Flutie. Flutie’s chance in the NFL came late in his career because everyone thought he was to short. Flutie was a great QB and I loved watching him. Manziel may be fun to watch also, but it is his off the field activities that tell me not to draft him. There was risk with Flutie and his size, but there was no risk with how Flutie carried himself off the field. The Browns are could be kicking themselves if they don’t draft Manziel and he turns out to be great. I just wouldn’t take the chance and would stick with the safer choice. Watkins, Mack, Robinson, and especially Clowney if they could get him.

Second – I really hope my Buccaneers or the Browns draft my man from Kent State, Dri Archer. The guy may not make it in the NFL if he isn’t durable enough, but man is he fun to watch. Who knows it could be Manziel to Archer soon.

Take Care


Who needs a Groundhog!

Who needs a Groundhog!

For the first time in awhile I saw the top of my Cleveland Indians yard gnome.  He has been buried in snow and sitting in sub zero weather for the last few months.  I had to smile.  I guess that is a sign spring is near.  A sure sign is the Cleveland Indians 1st spring training game.  You can’t take a lot out of the first spring game, but it is stimulating to see warm weather and baseball.  It means the boys of summer are close to returning to Cleveland and warm weather can’t be far behind.

I haven’t posted since those heartbreaking loses last September to the Tigers.  The Tribe had an incredible last 2 weeks to make the post season and grab the north coast’s attention.   Then the Tribe entered the off season and the only real headlines were who had left the team.  Still hopes are high for another run to the postseason.

Let’s look at where we sit at the beginning of spring training in:state of the union


As I already mentioned very little seemed to be done in the off season other than let two starting pitchers go and the 8th inning set up guy (Kazmir, Ubaldo, & Smith); releasing our closer (Perez); and trading our starting right fielder (Stubbs).  All to be replaced with players most fans would hardly know.  Yea last year had a little more excitement due to the free agent signings of Nick Swisher, and Michael Bourne.  But in all honesty it was the ho-hum signings/trades from last year that made the biggest contributions (Yan Gomes, Ryan Rayburn, Scott Kazmir, and Mike Aviles).  With both the Browns and the Cavs imploding from the front offices out, I would liked to have seen the Indians be more active this winter.  It was a great chance to excite and solidify the fan base.   A major signing was not in the plans this year, but I still think some of the minor signing could end up being significant.


Last year I said that Scott Kazmir was my pick for the Cy Young award.  He ended up with highest ERA of all the starters but it was a respectable 4.04.  Ubaldo Jimenez was the player who pitched like a Cy Young award winner the second half of the season.  Ubaldo compiled a 6 – 5 record in the second half of the season with a 1.82 ERA.  Max Scherzer who won the Cy Young last year had an 8 – 2 record with a 2.44 ERA in that same time frame.  Ubaldo only walked 25 in those 13 second half starts while striking out 100.  The stats show that he began to control his pitches and thus be in charge of the game.  No matter how well he pitched I never felt comfortable.  I was so relieved to know that Danny Salazar (a ROOKIE) was pitching the playoff game other than Ubaldo who had been pitching like a Cy Young candidate.  The Tribe reportedly never talked to Jimenez about resigning, which I believe speaks loudly about what the Indians think of Ubaldo.  Jimenez is now in Baltimore.  He may have figured out his problems last year and continue to pitch like a #1 starter.  My guess is there is going to be a lot more cursing every 5th day in the Chesapeake Bay area, and my finger nails are going to look a lot better.  Kazmir is the one player I thought the Tribe should have been more aggressive about signing.  They did not put a qualifying offer in of 14.1 million, so they did not get a draft pick for losing Kazmir.  He ultimately signed with Oakland for two years at 22 million.  He may have accepted the Tribe’s offer but I think for a one year deal it was a price the Tribe could have lived with.  Kazmir was the one lefty in the rotation, and the options to replace him are all right handed.  The Indians are going into the 2014 season with a completely right handed starting rotation.  Not as deadly as their past all right handed batting lineup, but not the ideal situation.  Overall I believe the starting pitching will be fine.  Masterson has grown and proven to be a top of the rotation pitcher.  Remember when some wanted to put Masterson in the bullpen?  Kluber and McAllister had great seasons and they came up through the minors projected as middle of the rotation talent.  Kluber especially has shown throughout the minors to be able to get strikeouts when needed.  Danny Salazar looked dominate during the last couple of months of the season.  I can’t remember ever seeing a pitcher look that good just coming up from the minors.   Sabathia struggled his first year and Jaret Wright helped get the Indians into the World Series, but he certainly didn’t pitch like Salazar.  (Anyone else think of an Indians pitcher who looked as impressive as Salazar to start their career)  The fifth spot in the rotation is undecided at the start of spring training.  Candidates are Carlos Carrasco, Trevor Bauer, Shawn Marcum, Aaron Harang, and Josh Tomlin.  My thoughts are Carrasco fills the spot as he is out of options and cannot be returned to the minors.  If he doesn’t fill the spot then one of the other candidates who pitches the best will.  Carrasco seemed like a different pitcher when he returned last year and pitched out of the bullpen.  Hopefully he can settle in, settle down, and become the dominate pitcher the Indians have been talking about.  If not then I believe Josh Tomlin may get the next try or Marcum if he is healthy.  Tomlin is smartest pitcher on the staff and does the most with the least “stuff”.  Tomlin is pitcher that Francona and other managers love.  He will be on the team as a starter or out of the bullpen.  Marcum is coming off an injury, but he has proven in the past to be a very good pitcher.  Again if healthy I expect him to contribute to the Indians staff this year.  Rarely do five pitchers start a season and the same five end the season.  The Indians have starting depth and I am sure that it will be utilized this year.


Dog Smoking

Chris Perez’s Dog?

The biggest move was releasing Chris Perez.  Good bye.  It was fun while it lasted, but the last few months were terrifying.  September 26th and the Tribe was leading Minnesota 6 – 1 in the 9th inning, enter Perez.  The guy next to me says he can’t watch Perez anymore and goes to the bathroom until he is done pitching.  15 minutes later the inning is still going but the score is 6 – 5 Tribe as Perez is relieved of his duties.  The gentlemen returns and I too could never watch Chris Perez pitch again for the Tribe.  Luckily he will never get another opportunity.  John Axeford should be able to handle the job.  The Cardinals do a good job of identifying talent and he pitched well for them last year.  Hopefully Axeford shouldn’t make me want to join other fans in the bathroom when he pitches.  Other than losing Joe Smith, whose sidearm action brought a different look for hitters, the bullpen should be good.  Smith has quietly been very reliable for the Indians in the 7th and 8th innings.  Cody Allen should slide into that spot and hopefully Vinny Pestano can return to form this year to fill 7th inning.  The Tribe brought in a few different options at the end of last year who performed well, in Marc Rzepczynski (took me only 2 tries to spell that right) and C.C. Lee.  Rzepczynski should continue to stabilize the pen along with Bryan Shaw and either Carrasco or Tomlin.  The final spot will be won in spring training by Josh Outman, Nick Hagadone, Scott Atchison, or C.C. Lee in that order.Overall most people are worried about the Indians pitching staff.  I think they are fine in this area.  I feel much better about the starting pitching than I did last year at this time, and they have options.  The bullpen should not be horrible and there are alternatives in the minors.


The consensus is that if the Indians starting pitching is good the Tribe will be good.  Yes you’re only as good as your starting pitching.  I previously discussed my confidence in the Indians pitching staff.  It is the offense that worries me and I have the most concern.  Last year the Indians were 5th in MLB in runs scored.  That came from a team that had off years from a number of players.  Asdrubal Cabrera suffered through his worst year offensively, while the big free agent signings of Bourn and Swisher did not meet their past production.  The Tribe received little production consistently from 3rd base or from the DH Jason Giambi.  Brantley and Kipnis did have a productive year, but nothing they can’t repeat.  The real surprises on offense came from the part time players, Yan Gomes, and Ryan Raburn.  So why am I so concerned about the offense?  I felt that the Indians offense could be sporadic at times last year.   I am not sure they will get much increase on offense from any position (other than Asdrubal), and they might see a drop off from some of the players who had a great season last year.  Finally I don’t think they addressed over the winter one of their major weaknesses, not having a true power hitter.

Here are the positions I am not worried about:

Left field:  Michael Brantley is called Dr. Smooth.  He will probably never be a superstar, but there is little that he doesn’t do well.  I wouldn’t be shocked if he improved any part of his game this year.  I would be surprised if his game regressed much.  Maybe he doesn’t hit 10 HR’s this year, but I don’t see why he doesn’t hit .280 with 70 RBI’s, and 15 stolen bases.  Francona bats Brantley in any spot in the order, and Brantley is capable of handling it.  Brantley just goes out and does his job and he does it effectively.

Second Base:  Not to toot my own horn, but I have been telling you that Jason Kipnis was coming and y’all was going to like him.  He led the team in RBI’s, runs, and stolen bases.  He was second in batting average, doubles, and third on the team with 17 HR’s.  His style of play makes him a fan favorite and I see him becoming the face of the franchise.  Could he regress from his All-Star year?  Yea, but Kipnis hasn’t done anything but produce at every level.  I don’t see much changing except for Kipnis becoming better well known.

Expecting Good Things But Not Betting The House On It:

Catcher: Yan Gomes had a break out year last season.  He led the team in batting average and posted decent numbers in only 300 AB’s.  I assume he will get more AB’s this year so he should be able to match last year’s numbers if not improve upon them.  If Gomes can bat .290 this year again great, I am just expecting a little regression this year. His defense is the aspect of his game that stands out and I don’t see any drop off.  Although I am not sure if he can throw out 20 of 29 base stealers again.  Tip to opposing base runners, Don’t run on Yan!

Shortstop:  It is a contract year for Asdrubal Cabrera.  I see him having a good if not great year.  Asdrubal has wanted to be in those pressure situations, and until last year he has succeeded in them.  This will probably be Cabrera’s last year in Cleveland.  If the Tribe is out of the playoff race he could be gone by the trade deadline.  Francisco Lindor is coming and there will be no stopping his progress towards the majors.  If you don’t know who Lindor is you haven’t been following my blog (Superstar in waiting).  There are some defensive metrics that say Asdrubal is the worst defensive shortstop in the game.  He is better than Johnny Peralta, I don’t care what computer you use.  I like Asdrubal and hope he has a career year.  Then hopefully he signs another contract with the Tribe and slides over to third next year.  I will settle for a career year in his final season in Cleveland.

Expecting The Usual:

First Base:  I’m putting Nick Swisher at this spot.  In realitContortionisty the Tribe is MLB’s version of a contortionist.   Their roster is probably one of the most flexible in baseball.  1st base, right field, 3rd base, and DH can be manned by numerous players on the roster, and this isn’t your David Dellucci/Jason Michael platoon.  THANK GOD, I still shiver thinking about it.  Swisher will be the DH, and in right field, but I see him playing mostly at first base.  Swisher did not have a bad year in 2013, but he didn’t have a great year either.  I see more of the same for Swisher in 2014.  He is 33 and not surrounded by hall of famers as he was in New York, so I don’t see much improvement.  He did turn it on the last month, and shined during the stretch for the playoffs (7 HR’s in September).

Sweet Memories
Dellucci and Michaels

Centerfield:  Michael Bourn had his worst season as a professional in 2013.  Not that it was horrible, but he did not put up the numbers he had in years past.  His average, steals, and runs were career lows except for his rookie season in Houston.  Why am I not expecting more from Bourn?  Bourn came from the Atlanta Braves and was advertised as a speedster on the base paths and the best centerfielder in the game.  His 23 stolen bases were nearly half his career low while his 12 caught stealing was his career norm.  No big deal maybe he moved to a team where they don’t push the stolen base as much, or he is adjusting to the American League.  What really concerns me is when I watched Michael Bourn last year I did not see the best defensive centerfielder in the game.  Not even close.   Bourn lives on his speed, and when that goes so goes Michael.  Bourn slowed on the base paths and he not did dazzle in the field.  I wonder if he lost a step last year.  He also had surgery on his left hamstring this winter.  Just a feeling and I hope I am wrong, but I think Bourn may have already played his best baseball.

3rd Base: Lonnie Chisenhall is like the Cleveland Browns.  Ok that is a little rough, but I keep expecting better results and I keep getting subpar performances (with the Browns it is plan lousy performances).  So I have given up on the Browns and until they actually win consistently I will expect them to lose (consistently).  The same goes for Lonnie.  Until he proves otherwise I am expecting a subpar performance.  I believe he is capable of putting up more than a .225 average as he did last year.  He has not played a full season in the majors and yet he put up 11 HR’s in only 289 AB’s last year.  If he could match his career minor league batting average of .282 we might be on to something.  The problem is he struggles mightily against lefties. Thus he needs to be in a platoon.  Enter Carlos Santana and Mike Aviles.  I don’t think there is any way in hell Santana takes over 3rd base.  I have seen him behind the plate where umpires hate him.  He doesn’t move his body and block balls, so the umpire takes the hit.   I swear I could see steam come out of umpire’s helmets last year as they stared down Santana after getting hit.  I saw him enough at first that I loved Casey Kotchman and his .229 average.  He can man each position but by no means is he skillful at it.  I assume he could play third but ultimately it wouldn’t be pretty.  Just wait for that first bunt attempt and he throws the ball into the stands.  I imagine Santana is going to man third against lefties due to Chisenhall’s ineffectiveness against them.  I will give Santana credit that I have not heard one complaint from him and he has tried to do whatever is asked of him (catch, 1st, 3rd, or DH)

Regression Coming?

Right field: Ryan Raburn had a career year in only 243 AB’s.  He hit 16 HR’s with 55 RBI’s in what amounts to a half year of at bats.  I assume he will come back to his norm this year which should be around 10 HR’s and 40 RBI’s in 250 AB’s.  He will platoon with David Murphy.  Murphy replaces Drew Stubbs so we should see a better average, and maybe a few more HR’s.  What worries me is Murphy is coming from Texas which is a hitter’s park.  This team is in desperate need of a power hitter and Murphy needs to hit more than a dozen HR’s.  Stubbs could hit a dozen and was the best base runner I have seen in an Indians uniform.  Murphy and Raburn need to combine for 30 plus HR’s and 100 plus RBI’s.   I am just not sure if they do that this year.  I like the signing of Jeff Francour.  I see him somehow making this team and being a big part of it, possibly as the DH.

DH: It has taken me 2 weeks to finish this blog. (That is because they are so damn LONG Randall)  When I started, my thoughts were Giambi would make the team but probably start on the DL as he did last year.  Well it was reported a couple of days ago that Giambi had a cracked rib and would start the year on the DL.  A cracked rib sounds serious to me for a player who solely relies on power.  As I mentioned this team is in desperate need of a power hitter.  I see Francona using a lot of his interchangeable parts to fill the DH role as he did last year.  I believe Santana may end up getting a good portion of these at bats.  Santana may produce at last year’s level, but that is putting a lot of pressure on Gomes to improve upon last years numbers.  Otherwise that is a decrease at the catchers position.  Definitely the DH spot is wide open and may have to be filled at the trade deadline if the Tribe is in contention.

Overall I see Left field, 2nd base, and Shortstop matching last year or improving.  2/3 of last year’s super sub bench of Gomes and Raburn will be playing more of a full time roll thus weakening the bench.  I don’t see much improvement from the other positions, maybe even a slight decline.  The team also needs a true power hitter and possibly has an open spot in the lineup they could fill.  The Indians don’t have players in the minors who are ready at the start of the season to help the offense.  They do have a group of players in AA and AAA, but they are 1 to 2 years away.  The positive is that Francona is leading this team and seems to know exactly how to put his team in a position to succeed.  If anyone can do it Francona can.

Here is my 25 man opening day roster predicitions:

C: Santana and Gomes

Infielders: Swisher, Kipnis, Cabrera, Chisenhall,  Aviles, and Elliot Johnson/ Justin Sellers

Outfielders: Bourn, Brantley, Raburn, Murphy, and Francour

Starting Pitchers: Masterson, Kluber, Salazar, McAllister, and Carrasco

Relief: Axford, Allen, Shaw, Rzepczynski, Pestano, Tomlin, and Outman

If you read all 3000 plus words, wow!  I will try and cut back on future post.  I really enjoy reading comments, and hearing how others enjoy reading my post.  Thanks and pass along the blog to others.

Is it “Trade Time Now?” for the Tribe

I’am with the family camping on Edisto beach in South Carolina. I may be on vacation, but I am still following the Tribe. Before I left the callers on the local radio were wanting the Cleveland Indians to trade for starting pitching. I have been telling some of my friends for the last month that I did not think the Tribe was going to make much of a move. As the trading deadline grows closer I don’t see much happening. Here are my thoughts.

Starting Pitching

The majority of callers on sports radio I consider morons who couldn’t run water with out screwing it up. There are a lot of people who just want to put down the owner, Larry Dolan. Most are still pissed that he traded two CY Young award winners in C.C. Sabathia and Cliff Lee. Callers continually whine that Dolan never puts money into the team and that he should sell it. I disagree that the Dolans have not put money into the team, they have. They have not spent every year, but when the Tribe has been in the hunt they have. Unfortunately most of the time the players signed did not perform up to the expectations. Chuck Finley, Kerry Wood,Travis Hafner, Grady Sizemore twice, along with other players. The Dolans have not gone wild spending money, they are what we might say thrifty. Most callers to the local sports radio have been saying the Tribe needs starting pitching to make the playoffs this year. I don’t see the Indians going in this direction. For one any pitcher who is a top of the rotation guy is probably out of the Tribe’s price range. I really doubt the Tribe goes out and spends 15 -20 million a year which is what most #1 pitchers would command (Cliff Lee who is possibly on the market). If the Indians are not getting a stud pitcher then I don’t really see the point of trading for a pitcher. The starting rotation of Masterson, Kluber, Kazmir, McAllister, and Jimenez have pitched quite well this year ,and especially so of late. One of the starting 5 would be kicked out of the rotation. I don’t see Francona wanting to upset the team chemistry to add another starter unless they were a significant upgrade over one of the current 5.

The Indians are not going to give up top prospect Francisco Lindor. They have a superstar on their hands. He is only 19 but I saw an interview with him last week and he seemed much older. I don’t think the Tribe is keen on trading any high level prospects unless they get a major league ready player who’s contract they can control for a few years. Normally teams don’t trade good young players who they control for years to come. Plus the Tribe has young pitchers in the minors who should be ready to help the club this year and in the upcoming years. (Bauer, Carrasco, Salazar, and Tomlin who will be returning from Tommy John surgery shortly). Ultimately I can’t see any scenario where the Tribe trades for starting pitching. So the callers can moan and groan for a little longer now about the Indians not trying to win and the Dolans being cheap.


The bullpen was believed to be a strength at the start of the season. A few holes have developed as the season has unfolded. Vinnie Pestano who was stellar the last two years as the 8th inning set up man has stumbled. His velocity is down and he has not been reliable in consistently getting outs. Sidearmer Joe Smith has not been himself the last month, but hopefully this is just a rough patch. The Tribe does have others who could step up into the 8th inning role, but this ultimately weakens the bullpen if they are not replaced. Cody Allen being the first choice for 8th inning duty. The most glaring problem has been left handed relief. Nick Hagadone and Rich Hill have not been good so far. Chris Antonetti mentioned earlier this week that the lefty bullpen situation was probably his biggest concern. This is the one trade I do see the Tribe making. I am pretty sure they will bring in a lefty reliever and possibly another bullpen arm. Don’t expect any big names but do expect a new face in the bullpen.

Position Players

There is one more area that I would like to see addressed, but generally gets little mention on the talk radio stations. That is the need for another bat in the lineup. I don’t have the stats in front of me here on the beach. (We are tent camping not staying at a resort. So I’am roughing it – with my iPad) The Tribe is 4th in the league in runs scored which is good. They are 11th in batting average with a .257, and 5th in OPS ( On Base plus Slugging Percentage). Not bad marks for the offense especially with Reynolds and Giambi’s averages. The OPS showing they get on base and hit a good amount of extra base hits. The problem is the fore mentioned Reynolds. He has hit below .200 since mid May. As I mentioned in my last post the Tribe would be hard pressed to play the year with both Reynolds and Giambi hitting .200. Rayburn and Aviles have been getting more at bats lately in Reynolds place which has worked out fine. I don’t think you want the bench (all be it a great bench) of Raburn, Aviles, and Gomes playing every day. The holes in their games will become more apparent. Reynolds is signed to a one year deal. Next year the Tribe could be looking to replace Reynolds. He makes 7 million and they will also have Brett Myers 5 million to spend (Free Agent Flop). If the Tribe was looking towards the future this might be a good time to trade for a position player who can help us now and in the future. The team has lost plenty of games because they can’t score 3 or more runs. They have a great record in one run games, but consistently waste good pitching efforts by having low scoring games. The Tribe is very good at running up pitch counts on opposing teams. When they do this they generally get to see a lot of the opposing pitchers pitches thus getting a better feel for each pitch. They then have big innings against the starter. The 5th inning is the Indians signature inning to score this year. They have scored more runs in the fifth than any other inning. This being the inning when they are facing the starter for the 3rd time in a game. Running up the pitch count also gets the Tribe into the other teams bullpen sooner. Once into the bullpen it is only a matter of time before they face a subpar member of the other teams staff and put a hurting on his ERA. One more good hitter in the lineup could help this team I believe. Not only this year but in the future too.

Again I don’t think Francona wants to mess with the teams chemistry. He will give Reynolds every opportunity to succeed. So ultimately I see the lineup remaining the same with Raburn and Aveiles getting more at bats in the mean time. Reynolds is notorious as a streaky hitter, and Francona knows he is going to turn it around at some point. I have a feeling Reynolds is going to get hot at a time that makes Tribe fans forget his horrible summer. Lets hope!

Surfs Up! Gotta run, Go Tribe!

You Just Never Know

I am heading to Detroit today to watch my Alma mater play in its first MAC Championship game. 

Yes the Kent State Golden Flashes have had a historic year.  An 11 – 1 record with 2 more games to play.  The Golden Flashes have had two winning seasons since I came to Kent.  A 7 -4 record in 1987 and 6 -5 in 2001.  84 total wins since 1985 with 19 of those wins coming in the last three years, and 48  wins coming in the last ten years.  This has been a wonderful season to watch.

Kent has some very good players.  A couple of offensive linemen who are going to be drafted this year.  One Brian Winters, maybe in the second round.  Roosevelt Nix a junior defensive linemen who is one of their better players.  The team has two great running backs Trayion Durham and Dri Archer.  Archer a junior had scored a touchdown in every game this year until last week.  He is definitely one of the more exciting players in the country.  He has scored 21 touchdowns on the year by rushing, receiving, kick returns, punt returns, and passing.  If you get to watch any games keep your eye on Archer.  He can score at any moment.

What does this have to do with the Tribe?  The Golden flashes and the Cleveland Indians are going in opposite directions.  Kent State with a win could possible end up with a BCS birth in the Orange Bowl!  The baseball team just completed competing in the college world series and knocked off a few top five teams on the way to a top 10 finish.  Everyone is talking about the Kent State Golden Flashes and they are making appearances on national TV.  The Cleveland Indians are nowhere to be seen.  It is like they are trying not to be noticed.  The last two months of the baseball season it was hard to find anyone who could tell me what the Tribe had done in any game.  The apathy towards the Indians was staggering.  I might as well of talked politics and religion with people.  The Tribe fell out of the pennant race and out of everyone’s thoughts.  The Indians made few moves and were fairly silent.  They did fire Manny Acta and hire Terry Francona, their big headline for the last 4 months.  They quietly released Travis Hafner, Grady Sizemore, Roberto Hernandez (I don’t even know who that guy is – oh Fausto Carmona) and a few other muffled moves.  Don’t mind us we are not doing anything, really!  They are like an actor or politician who gets in trouble and decides to lay low for a while.  I am really hoping that they turn it up a notch during the winter meeting and create some excitement about the team, but I doubt it.  There have been rumors they may try and rebuild again.  With interest in the Tribe at an all-time low this would only intensify their problems in my opinion.

Here are my thoughts on what has happened so far.

Firing Acta and hiring Francona:  I didn’t mind Manny Acta, but I thought that he didn’t have the intensity this team needed.  The team seamed listless sometimes and was going through the motions.  I was talking to my beer vendor buddy Tim and we were discussing how a team takes on its manager’s personality.  I think this was totally true.  Acta rarely argued with umpires and would calmly go about his job.  I think there are times when a manager needs to go off to fire his team up.  They don’t have to be Lou Piniella, but they can jump start a dugout. (One of my favorite games I ever attended Lou kicked his hat around the infield a dozen times, and then up into the stands.  He then tried to retrieve his hat.  The crowd cheered louder and louder with every kick. )   I don’t think the players in the end liked playing for Acta.  There was a game in New York where Dewayne Wise dove into the stands to make a catch.  He came out of the stands and the umpire called Jack Hannahan out even though Wise didn’t have the ball.  Dewayne Wise Bogus Catch  Hannahan proceded to get tossed from the game and Acta argued but remained in the game.  This was one play that called for a Lou Pinniella moment.  One of the worst calls of all time and Acta does not argue for his player.  It was events like this that I think peeved players.  They didn’t think that Acta stood up for them.  I felt Asdrubal especially became frustrated with Acta a few times.  The fans in Cleveland wanted Sandy Alomar Jr. as the manager, but I think Francona was the right choice.  He has had a great relationship with the front office in the past, working as a special advisor.  I believe he was well liked by players in Boston and could attract free agents to Cleveland.  Francona comes from a large Boston market that had intense pressure to win, and he produced.  He could have had about any job he wanted and he choose Cleveland.

Player Movement:  Releasing Hafner, Sizemore, and Hernadez does not surprise me.  Nor would I be surprised if any of them are back with the team next year.  I doubt it and hope not, but I could see Hafner signing a low contract with incentives.  He is married and lives in Cleveland now.  Our offense is better when he is in the lineup, unfortunately that was not nearly enough.   Hafner was one of the most feared hitters in the game five years ago.  In 2006 teams did anything they could not to pitch to him.  They would be better off to walk him with the bases loaded than to pitch to him. (He hit 6 grand slams that year and 42 home runs)  I wish Grady Sizemore could have made it back last year.  There was a time I thought Sizemore would be the face of the franchise and the one player the Tribe would pay to keep.  Injuries changed all of that.  I feel as though Sizemore should play for free for the Indians after last year, but I doubt he will be back.  The Tribe did make a minor move by trading Esmil Rogers to the Toronto Blue Jays for infielders Mike Aviles and Yan Gomes.  Rogers was a reclamation project who had a very good year last year.  Even if Rogers has turned the corner the Tribe has plenty of bull pen arms and can risk trading for other needs.  Aviles at the very least solves the Tribes utility infielder position and backs up Asdrubal which they sorely needed last year.  Gomes is a right handed bat with power that can play multiple corner positions and even catch.

Should the Tribe Reload or Rebuild:  There have been a lot of rumors that the Tribe may try to cash in on some of their veteran players and trade them.  Asdrubal Cabrera, Chris Perez, and Shin-Soo Choo.  The thinking is that the Tribe has very few players (other than relief pitchers) in the upper minors who will be ready to help soon.  They do have some quality players in single A.  Some of their top prospects play shortstop.  Fransico Lindor being the one name to remember.  The Indians are in need of starting pitching.  This is the one area that had a complete collapse all year long last year.  Asdrubal should allow the Indians to bring in a couple high ceiling pitchers.  Choo is one year away from free agency is very unlikely to return since his agent is Scott Boros.  Chris Perez has not been a model player with his comments about fans and the front office.  As I have mentioned the Indians strength is relief pitching and Perez could probably be easily replaced.  Trading Asdrubal would signal a significant rebuild.  Choo would be hard to replace but as I mentioned he is good as gone at the end of the year and the Tribe could try and replace him now.  I just happen to disagree with departing with any of these players other than Perez.  The time for the Tribe to win could be now.  The New York Yankees have their own problems and even though they are still good, they are not great.  I am not sure how much longer that is going to last.  If the Tribe decides to rebuild the Yankees will probably have fixed their problems by then.  No one in the American league is dominating right now.  Oakland won their division against the likes of the Rangers and Angels.  The Orioles won the wild card and just missed winning the division.  The Tribe has shown for two straight years that they are capable of being near the top of the division.  With the coaching change and some smart moves in free agency the Indians should be able to stay competitive in the American league. (I will post my free agency wish list next week, but Kevin Youkilis will be on it) I am also tired of the Tribe getting rid of star players while Detroit continues to amass them.  You need star players to win!

As I mentioned earlier, if the Tribe rebuilds they will also be fighting a marketing nightmare.  The fans and radio have tuned out Tribe in record numbers this year.  If the Indians don’t show the fans some energy then, like the players did with Acta, the fans will become more disenchanted with the Tribe.

And who know sometimes heaven smiles upon us.  My Kent State Golden Flashes have been miserable forever it seems, but this year came out of nowhere.  No one expected a year like this.  If the Tribe tries to compete with the few great players it has maybe the stars will align one day for them to.  If they rebuild I can almost guarantee those stars will not be aligning this year.

Go Flashes!

The Tribe’s next move

This is a little long, but here goes.  I was going to write about the Indians next move when news broke today about Grady Sizemore possibly returning to the Tribe.  Sizemore on verge of deal   I have been wondering for a few weeks now what the front office was thinking by not picking up Sizemore’s contract. I just can not see them replacing Grady with any comparable player without paying a huge sum of money. And as we all know the Tribe is very unlikely to jump in on a big free agent, especially at this point in the teams development. The Dolan’s have spent money before contrary to popular belief, but I don’t see the front office spending money at this time. Especially with the uncertainty about this team and what exactly they have. The Tribe could sign Sizemore to incentive laden one year contract. Possibly worth more than the 9 million he was to make. If he plays the entire year and meets the goals that is great. Hopefully the rest of the team will perform as expected and the Indians will have a great season. If he excels but the rest of the team falters the Tribe could easily trade him and get back a good prospect or needed piece. Suppose he is still hurt and plays randomly or he has a lackluster year. The Indians would not be stuck with a multiyear contract. The price to bring in a free agent would probably be much more than taking the risk with Sizemore. I have been researching some of the players that are free agents and players the Tribe may target in trades.
I will start out with the 2011 free agents. Jim Bowden on   ESPN.COM   has an article on the projected price of each free agent. Obviously the Indians will not be pursuing Pujols or Fielder. Count out Carlos Beltran as he would be to expensive and reportedly he already nixed a midsummer trade to the Tribe. Here is a list of possible free agents with their batting stance and age.
Michael Cuddyer – Twins – Righty age 32 Cuddyer is considered a great clubhouse presence and he hits lefties which the Tribe sorely needs both. He is a career .270 hitter with 20 HR power. He can play multiple positions, but does not excel defensively. Here is the main problem. He will probably command a 10 million dollar annual salary and his name had been linked to numerous high profile teams. He will be to expensive for the Cleveland Kinks (I’m on a Low Budget- as Ray Davies once said).
The next three players played on an Oakland team that made the Tribe’s offense look like Murderers’ row.
Josh Willingham – Oakland – Righty age 32 The Tribe was linked to Willingham in the summer before the trade deadline. He made 6 million last year while battting .246. He is a career .262 hitter with 20 – 25 HR power. Unlike Cuddyer he does not hit lefties, is an outfielder only, and he is not a great defender. Bowden reports he should command a salary around 7 million a year. Seems like a lot for a player that puts up numbers similar to Sizemore’s. Sizemore offers the potential to improve.
David DeJesus – Oakland – Lefty age 31 DeJesus made 6 million last year and is reportedly going to be in the 4 mill this year. He bats left handed and the Tribe could really use a righty. He struggles with left handers like the rest of the Tribe. He has no arm in the outfield and is not the best defender. He is a career .284 hitter but only hit .240 last season and has 10 HR power. At 4 million a year he is an option, but I believe Sizemore brings so much more possible upside to the offense and defense.
Coco Crisp – Oakland – Bats Switch age 32, Can you believe that this is a name that could resurface with the Tribe. Crisp was rumored in trades with the Tribe this summer and again during free agency. He made 5.75 million last year will make approximately the same in his new contract. Another player who has troubles with lefties, but he did steal 49 bases last year. A career .275 hitter, but only a .736 OPS. The Indians need more offense than that and Crisp is not a superstar in the field.
Jason Kubel – Twins – Lefty age 29 Kubel will receive a salary around 5 mil a year. He is a career .271 with 20 HR power. A majority of those coming off the Tribe it seems like. He is a poor defender and actually probably better suited to DH. Just what the Tribe doesn’t need, another DH.
Johnny Damon – Tampa Rays – Lefty age 38 The end is coming for Damon. If the Tribe could sign him to a short term contract around a couple million, I would say maybe. He made 5 mil last year while hitting .261 with 16 HR. For Detroit in 2010 he hit .271 with 8 HR. He has a proven track record but the age is a concern.
Andrew Jones – Yankees – Righty age 34 Jones had his best year since 2006. He hit .247 with 13 HR last year. Jones has never been a high average hitter and he is 5 years removed from his monster home run years. He is no longer a premiere outfielder either.
Cody Ross – Giants – Righty age 30 Cody made 6.3 million last year while hitting .240 with 14 HR. He is a career .268 hitter with 20 HR potential. I am not sure I would give him a long term contract, but this may be one player I would add as insurance. If Sizemore was unable to play or another outfielder was injured Ross would be a great insurance policy to have. He could also fill in regularly and give Sizemore, Choo and Brantley a day off. He is also the right handed bat the Tribe has been looking for. I would not want the tribe to replace Sizemore with Ross but to possibly add him to the team.
Kosuke Fukudome – Indians – Lefty age 34 Fukudome joined the Indians last year at the trade deadline. His stats with the Tribe were unimpressive, but I believe he would be a great 4th outfielder. Would he settle for that? I doubt it.
J. D. Drew – Boston – Lefty age 35 Drew has had one good year in his career in my opinion and should NOT be considered.
Rick Ankeil – Washington – Lefty age 32 See J. D. Drew!

The majority of free agents are at an age that most players begin to slow down and most are left handed (like Grady). The Tribe is in search of a right handed bat. I believe that Cody Ross due to his age and that he puts up the same numbers as other free agents, should be on the Indians phone list. He has 20 HR potential will probably command a lower salary than most of the free agents I have discussed. David DeJesus and Johnny Damon could also be low cost options, but I don’t know if either would come to possibly be a part time player. Possible Damon, but each has their own warts. DeJesus no defense, doesn’t hit lefties and little power. Damon is getting up there in age and is also left handed.

Two players that are free agents that I did not talk about are first basemen Casey Kotchman and Carlos Pena. The Tribe could try and sign either one of these players to replace Sizemore or add offense to the team.
Pena – Cubs – Lefty age 33 Pena could possibly platoon at first base since he has problems with lefties. I don’t see the Tribe wanting to add a first baseman that needs to platoon. Pena does take a lot of walks and has a high on base percentage. It is strike out, home run, or walk for Pena. He will reportedly earn 10.5 million this next contract and I pretty sure that will exclude the Tribe.
Kotchman – Tampa Rays – Lefty age 28 Here is a player that I would like to see the Indians pursue. Kotchman is known as one of the better defensive first basemen in the league. He is a career .268 hitter with 10 – 15 HR power. If LaPorta is not considered the first base man for the Tribe, I believe they should consider a superior replacement in the field. Kotchman is going to command a 4 million dollar contract according to Bowden. The Tribe should be able to afford that. They could offer Kotchman a little more money for a one year deal and send LaPort back to the minors. LaPorta does not have anything else to prove, but it may be message to him. I am not sure LaPorta is not major league material. He did have 53 RBI’s in 353 at bats last year, but his defense leaves something to be desired. If LaPorta could play everyday he may put up 100 RBI’s. If the Tribe believes in LaPorta and that he can fix his mental lapses on defense great. If not they should consider Kotchman.
Derrek Lee is another first basemen free agent. He is 36 and rarely is healthy anymore. Five years age he would have been a player the Indians would have been looking for.

Another route the Indians could take is trading for a player. Here are some of the players that names have been rumored in trades.
Denard Span – Twins – Lefty age 27 Span is speedy defensive center fielder who makes 1 million a year. He is a .285 career hitter who would fit in the Tribe’s budget. The only problem is that the Indians would have to probably trade a reliever, possibly Chris Perez. The Tribe has loads of talent coming up through the minors that are relief pitchers. It is the one are that the Indians will probably be set at for a few years. I could see the Tribe trading Perez as they have numerous possible replacements. If the Indians resign Sizemore I don’t see the need for Span.
B.J. Upton – Detroit – Righty age 27 Upton is the right handed bat the Tribe is looking for and he is only 27. He has 20 HR power could steal 40 bases. He strikes out a LOT (fits in with the Tribe nicely), and has a low career OPS .758. He also plays with Detroit and do we make a trade with such close competition?
Martin Prado – Braves – Righty age 28 Makes 3 million and can play multiple positions OF/3B. Contact hitter who is a .293 career hitter with 15 home run power. Braves are looking for impact outfield bat. I am not sure what the Tribe could offer.
Charlie Blackmon – Rockies – Lefty age 25 Blackmon was hurt and put on the 60 day DL last year with a fractured left foot. He has a .316 career minor league average and could blossom into a good player. Would be a great option as a 4th outfielder and would probably not take a top player to trade for. One of the Tribe’s many minor league relievers would hopefully do the trick.
Brett Wallace – Astros- Lefty 25 Wallace is behind Carlos Lee in Houston and has no position. He was 42nd best prospect in 2009 when LaPorta was the 14th. 2010 he was the 16th best prospect. He is known as a hitting machine, but his brief stints in he majors have shown little. Wallace has 20 plus home run power and a high batting average. He has limited range and he can only play first or DH. A major plus is Wallace makes the league minimum, a perfect fit for the Tribe (Cleveland Kinks). Wallace has been involved in 3 major trades. Once for Matt Holliday, once for Roy Holliday, and in he Roy Oswalt trade.

As I mentioned earlier that I think it is in the best interest of the Indians to bring back Grady Sizemore. The upside potential with Sizemore is greater than the other free agents available at comparable cost. If Sizemore fails it is for one year. If he returns to Super Sizemore the Tribe can sign him or trade him for other players. Adding a player such as Cody Ross, Charlie Blackmon, Kosuke Fukudome, or Martin Prado should be considered weather Sizemore resigns or not. I believe the Tribe should look seriously at possible adding a first baseman. The player may depend upon Sizemore signing. Kotchman would cost a little more money, but adds a great defensive first baseman. A trade for Wallace adds a big league ready bat that may not have had enough major league experience to show its true worth. In a perfect world the Tribe resigns Sizemore and adds another outfielder, and a first baseman. I am keeping my eyes on these names: Martin Prado, Cody Ross, Charlie Blackmon, Brett Wallace and Casey Kotchman. It would be nice to see two of those name with the Tribe come opening day along with Grady Sizemore.

Check back a the around the first of the year and I will try to post again.  A little shorter also.